• Panic. | Stay Cool.

    An excerpt from Culture Shift

    change-managementChange scares a lot of people. Facing the unknown gets spooky. Even knowing what’s coming can rattle your nerves. A sense of helplessness can hit if you get the idea that you have no control over your destiny. Sometimes these feelings get so intense they produce a culture of panic.

    When fear leads to frenzy, the result is lousy judgment, poorly conceived plans, and too much wasted motion. Panic kills your concentration, causes you to jump to conclusions, and leads to reckless behavior—all this at the very time when the organization needs you to be at your best.

    When change shakes the organization, you need to hold steady. A levelheaded way of looking at the situation keeps you from going off half-cocked. Action is important, but acting impulsively will probably only make things worse.

    Change should get your attention. It should give you an emotional charge, and you should take it seriously. The secret is knowing how to scramble without getting spastic, how to be more intense and still in control.

    Use the energy that change generates to give the culture a greater sense of urgency. But stay focused. Rather than bouncing around like a pinball, haphazardly ricocheting from one worry to the next, find out what counts the most. Stick with that. Frantic activity keeps you busy—leaving you emotionally drained, and eventually burned out—without much of true importance being accomplished.

    Success under these conditions comes from cool-headed thinking, clear focus, and well-aimed action. Help create a culture that is steady under fire.

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