• Focus on the Future.

    An excerpt from High-Velocity Culture Change 

    Change Management Training

    Don’t get bogged down in the endless task of “culture analysis.” Culture change should be guided by where the organization needs to go, not by where it’s been. We don’t have time to sit around and sift through the sands of our history, trying to figure out the intricate details of who we are and how we became that way. It’s a seductive exercise, but it simply takes too long. Sometimes it’s just a stalling tactic. Or a safe way to camouflage resistance to change. But above all, it’s just an unnecessary drill.

    Instead of wasting precious time contemplating the organization’s navel, trying to sort out precisely what the existing culture is, simply get clear on what it needs to be. Analyzing your present culture is like going to history class, when you could learn more valuable stuff from studying the future. Take your instruction from tomorrow—that’s where you’ll find the answers you need. 

    A quick scan of the future tells us, for example, that the organization’s very survival depends on speed. Competitive advantage will come from being faster than the next guy. The race is to the swiftest. Don’t burn up precious time and waste resources looking backward.

    We already know, simply from staring toward tomorrow, what we need to start shooting for in terms of culture change. The window to the future gives better guidance than the mirror. This is a time for action, not introspection.

    Rather than dwell on trying to understand the existing culture, start doing those things that help the culture change.

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