• Don’t Misinterpret Your Moments of Truth.

    An excerpt from Solution #1: The Handbook for Workplace Fitness & Health

    When you push yourself to eat better and exercise more, you hit yourself where it hurts: right smack in your habits. You violate ingrained living patterns, and something deep inside starts fighting back.

    It’s important for you to expect this reaction and understand the strategy of the enemy within.

    Resistance to change is a great con artist. It tries to make you believe that sticking with your wellness plans will be too difficult. It wants to sweet-talk you into selling out your future for a little immediate gratification.

    Don’t fall for it. Sure, your new routines will make you stiff, sore, and uncomfortable at first—both psychologically and physically—but that’s hard proof you’re making progress. Stick with the program, and those feelings rapidly fade.

    Just remember—resistance grows stronger with any evidence of weakening resolve, but it yields to renewed effort. These are the moments of truth, so hang tough.


    “My health is good; it’s my age that’s bad.”

    —Roy Acuff

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