• Use it or lose it.

    An excerpt from Fast Growth: A Career Acceleration Strategy

    The pace of growth picks up when you start engaging yourself more fully. Using your talents to a greater degree doesn't use them up. In fact, personal resources actually multiply the more you put them to work.

    This is the physics of fast growth. You can look at it as a law of increasing returns: The more you use your talents and personal resources, the more you have to use.

    But this law is a knife that cuts both ways. To the extent that we fail to use our talents, energy, opportunities and such, the gods take them away. We lose what we don't use.

    What this says to us is that we can't "save up" these resources. If you hoard them, hoping to keep them safely in some personal storehouse for your future use, they won't grow. Instead they start to decay. Your potential shrinks when it's not employed. But the minute you make it go to work, it begins to expand.

    You've heard the old saying, "You have to spend money to make money." Likewise, you must use muscle to make muscle . . . or plant seeds if you want to grow more seeds. The biblical parable of the talents reveals these natural dynamics at work. It gives a philosophy for fast growth, and argues in favor of fully utilizing yourself. Work on growing, and the easier it gets to grow. Develop yourself faster, and you'll find it increasingly easy to accelerate your development even more.

    What this means is that your growth rate can be measured as a function of how effectively you are putting your resources to use. You could almost make this into a mathematical equation. Feel like you're not growing? This says you're not spending your talents, that you're sitting on your potential instead of putting it to work.

    Want more out of yourself? Is there some aspect you wish to change and improve? Use it. Invest it. Spend it. Do something with it, otherwise it gradually diminishes. That's because you just can't put personal growth on hold. If you decide to wait, you have less to work with when you actually do begin. So the sooner you start, the better.

    You're blessed with many personal gifts that can greatly speed up your growth. It's time to open them. Enjoy them. Put them to good use—now—so that they can begin to expand. According to the law of increasing returns, the more you use, the more you have.


    "I discovered you never know yourself until you’re tested and that you don’t even know you’re being tested until afterwards, and that in fact there isn’t anyone giving the test except yourself."

    — Marilyn French, The Bleeding Heart

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