• The Winning Feeling


    An excerpt from Service Excellence!

    There’s another very personal reason for delivering superior customer service:

    Doing an excellent job is a lot more satisfying than doing a mediocre job.

    At the end of a workday, when all is said and done, you simply feel better when you know you’ve shown “the right stuff.”

    Doing quality work is emotionally gratifying. Success feeds the heart. The better you do your job, the better you feel about yourself.

    On the other hand, the weaker your personal commitment to the job, the more your spirit starts to sag. The fun fades out of what you do for a living if you give it only a halfhearted effort. That’s important to remember, because work that isn’t enjoyable requires a lot more emotional labor.

    Delivering service excellence, performing so well that you literally surprise customers, will recharge your emotional batteries. It puts a little more bounce in your step, a little more pride in your heart. Your payoff is a psychological energy boost that revs you up and, again, makes the job easier.

    Providing outstanding customer service is a way to (1) build your own self-esteem, (2) lift your spirits, and (3) increase your level of job satisfaction. You, personally, can improve your quality of work life.

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