Change Management Training Step 7: Operate at the 4th Level of Change

Accept The Risks Of A Pioneer

Our current work habits produce weaker results as circumstances change. The more rapid the change, and the more radical the shift, the sooner our usual approaches lose their punch.

So we have to choose between two risks. First, we can gamble on our old habits, and watch our career skills gradually grow obsolete. Or we can accept the risks of the pioneer. The inventor. The explorer. The greater safety lies in choosing this second risk, even though it feels more chancy than the first.

The main point we must realize, though, is that we can’t escape the risking. Basically, it comes down to placing our bets on one career game plan or the other. We can rely on defense, hanging onto our old habits and hoping they’ll protect our employment Or we can count on offense, and attack the new challenges coming at us. It’s our choice.

But you need to know that in a world of accelerating change, offense wins.

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