Research shows that 50-70% of how employees perceive their organization can be traced to the actions of one person: the leader. People take their behavioral and attitudinal cues from higher management . . . particularly from the person they report to.

Based on disciplined research from the new field of positive psychology, Hard Optimism helps your people develop the thought patterns that build resilience . . . that serve as a buffer against stress . . . that energize, empower, and enhance performance in virtually all circumstances.

What’s the core competency all organizations need in order to be competitive in the 21st century?
The ability to deal effectively with change.
Hard Optimism gives your leaders “power moves” that strengthen your organization and counter the damaging side-effects of change. Participants learn how to—
  • Keep people engaged and productive
  • Build a resilient, can-do culture
  • Charge up the organization’s energy level and spirit
  • Promote creativity and innovation
This workshop gives your leaders insights, tools, and actionable steps they can use immediately to drive change throughout the organization.
Hard Optimism Course Details
Length: 4-hour In-Person Facilitated Workshop or 90-minute Instructor-Led Virtual Program with Pre & Post-Work
Program Agenda
Module 1: The High-Performance Organization
  • The effects of change on an organization
  • The importance of leadership during change
  • The organization’s deep strengths—the heart of high performance
Module 2: Strength Training in Action—The Leader as Emotional Guide
  • Influence of the leader on employee engagement and productivity
  • The magic ratio for interactions
  • The Person-to-Person Positive Leadership Model
Module 3: Leadership Power Moves—Putting Positive Leadership into Action
  • Power Move #1: Demeanor
  • Power Move #2: Positive Expectations
  • Power Move #3: Positive Attention
  • Power Move #4: Positive Guiding Questions
  • Power Move #5: Funny
  • Power Move #6: Play to Your Sweet Spot
Key Objectives
  • Keep people engaged and productive
  • Build a resilient, can-do culture
  • Protect the organization’s energy level and spirit
  • Promote creativity and innovation
  • Drive toward successful change
Topics Addressed
  • What makes an organization strong?
  • The Person-to-Person High-Performance Model
  • “Power Moves” for strength training
  • Strategies for dealing with difficult people
  • Action plan for managing your own emotions
Primary Results
This practical, research-based interactive session equips managers with a model and “power moves” for capitalizing on the opportunities that change brings. It enables leaders to influence and harness the organization’s energy to achieve extraordinary results.
Hard Optimism Delivery & Materials
Hard Optimism can be taught by our professional facilitators or the client’s own in-house trainers. We offer a thorough Certification Program, in-person or virtual, that demonstrates the actual workshop for the trainer(s) and shows the best methods for conveying the critical aspects of the program Certification takes 2 days and includes a complete run-through of the course, extended discussion, and “teach-back” sessions.
New Work Habits Material
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