Step 5: Manage Resistance

Organizations are struggling to speed up. Scrambling to adapt. Trying to innovate, embrace new technologies and respond to a rapidly changing marketplace. But something’s not working. Word has it that over half of all major change initiatives prove to be disappointments or outright failures.

So what’s the problem? Precious resources are being squandered on organizational civil wars. People are fighting change instead of pushing it forward. They’re pulling in different directions rather than aligning with the change efforts. These are insiders. You’re paying full dollar for these people. Yet they represent one of the major threats to your organization’s future.

Employee resistance is the biggest barrier to change. Let’s face it—the very quickest way for the organization to pick up speed is for resisters to take their foot off the brakes. The best way for it to become more adaptive is for people to stop their desperate attempts to preserve the status quo.

The guidelines in this section show you how to free up the valuable energy that’s being wasted on resistance. Follow the coaching points given here, because you need the full support of everyone.

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