Business is now in a constant state of change. Learn to turn it to your advantage.
PRITCHETT's change management training drives home the messages your people must hear—without glossing over the difficult parts. It's powerful. Practical. Motivational. Our in-person and virtual training sessions drive your strategy forward by producing company-wide alignment and a wall-to-wall push for change.
PRITCHETT’s flagship change management workshop explains the organizational dynamics of change, highlights predictable hot spots, identifies urgent new priorities, and coaches participants on the counterintuitive moves required of managers in this highly charged period.  Learn More
4-hour Virtual Instructor-Led or 8-hour In-Person
Based on disciplined research from the new field of positive psychology, this program helps your people develop the thought patterns that build resilience . . . that serve as a buffer against stress . . . that energize, empower, and enhance performance in virtually all circumstances.  Learn More
90-minute Virtual Instructor-Led or 4-hour In-Person
Introducing PRITCHETT’s Newest Product – See What Our Digital Toolbooks Can Do.
These innovative toolbooks provide cost-effective digital training solutions to all leaders and managers across your organization. Built upon our best-selling handbooks, these multimedia toolbooks provide guidelines, coaching points, micro-videos, and training tools from PRITCHETT’s award-winning training.
Experience a Business as UnUsual Training Tool.
The way you look at a situation determines your reaction to organizational change. Use this assessment to learn how your thoughts can cause you to resist or support the new moves.
Over 20 Titles to Help Your Organization Manage Change.
Use these proven, bestselling messages as training tools, meeting handouts, or specialized pieces to support your key initiatives.

Check out PRITCHETT’s extensive library of compelling articles on personal performance and organizational change.

Want a powerful ongoing performance improvement program for your people? We can combine these punchy, actionable articles with clips™ (our quick-impact 60-second videos), providing reinforcement of key principles to create and sustain behavioral change.
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