Communication is the oxygen for change.

But your organization faces 3 huge challenges:

→ People are being bombarded with far more information than they can handle.
→ Attention spans keep shrinking.
→ Millennials use a dramatically different messaging style.

Think about it—have your communications changed as much as the world has changed?

Most companies remain stuck in a 20th century, “old school” communication style that’s boring, dense, outdated, and ineffective. The result? Companies struggle at execution. Training fizzles out. Change initiatives wither and die.

If you want to transform your company, transform your MESSAGING.

clips is the answer. Let’s talk.

60 seconds worth of punch.

View our clips backstory in a shareable pdf.

See clips in action.

The "why" behind clips:
clips' design and delivery are based on powerful psychology and deep research on learning theory. The compelling 60-second messages come weekly, with a full series running for six months or more.

3 clips series are available:
  • The Power of Self-Directed Change
  • The First Word in Merger Is "ME": The Employee Guide to Integration
  • You2: The Quantum Leap Strategy for Performance Breakthrough

Note: Want a clips series on another theme? Maybe sales effectiveness, leadership, culture shift, wellness, the customer experience, teamwork, patient care, or something else? PRITCHETT will work with you to develop a custom track.