Change Management Training Step 6: Build Commitment

Commitment Is A Gift You Should Give Yourself

Expect your employer to expect more from you. The reason? The marketplace is demanding far more these days from the organization itself.

Clients and customers want much better quality than before. They expect top-notch service, too, or they’ll take their business to your competitors. Speed is also essential, because people have gotten used to instant everything. Frankly, the only way your organization can even hope to compete is to employ high-performance people.

In times past, the most common solution to problems was just to hire more employees. Spend more money. But companies can’t afford that approach any more. Instead of simply throwing more people at problems, organizations now throw fewer. They have to do more—faster and better—with less. This calls for highly committed people.

There’s no room now for employees who mainly put in their time, going through the motions but giving only half-hearted effort. The people who seemed to keep their jobs merely because they could “fog the mirror” are goners.

In today’s world, career success belongs to the committed. To those who work from the heart...who invest themselves passionately in their jobs...and who recommit quickly when change reshapes their work.

If you find you can’t recommit rapidly when the company changes, you probably should quit. Get out of there. Don’t waste your energy resisting change, and don’t kill precious time sitting on the fence. Either buy in, or be on your way, because that’s best for both you and your employer.

This is not the same as asking that you be “loyal” to the organization. That would probably strike you as rather hypocritical anyhow, because we’ve all seen that the world puts hard limits on how loyal an employer can be in return. But urging you to have high job commitment actually serves your best interests, even as it benefits the company.

Strong job commitment makes work far more satisfying. It’s therapeutic, too, an excellent antidote for stress and a fine cure for the pain of change. It also empowers you, bringing out your very best potential, and making you a more valuable employee. Bottom line: Commitment is a gift you should give to yourself

"They’re only putting in a nickel and they want a dollar song."                 —Melanie, Nickel Song