Change Management Training Step 7: Operate at the 4th Level of Change

Create White Space, Then INNOVATE

The kind of growth we’re looking for here often comes from stopping more than speeding up. You can only accelerate your learning and development so much by simply doing the same old things faster. Sooner or later you must start doing different things.

Quitting plays a key role in the process of rapid growth. You’ll need to break some familiar rhythms, actually unlearn things and find more effective performance strategies.

What this comes down to is destabilizing yourself, and doing it on purpose. We’re not talking about a minor tweaking of the way you typically do things either. Fast growth occurs through transformation. It’s more like a metamorphosis, a major shift that enables you to move to a higher plain of performance. This is breakthrough behavior, and it’s based on abandoning old approaches.

Don’t let this spook you. You’ve done it many times before. Like when you stopped . . .