Change Management Training Step 3: Set Clear Goals

Cut Through The Blur Of Complexity And Change

Look at what you’re dealing with these days: kaleidoscopic change…a frenzied, internet-driven upheaval of traditional organization models…free-floating confusion due to vague and constantly shifting priorities. No surprise that people are mentally scattered. Stressed. Uncentered.

And no big mystery that your major challenge for now is attention management.

In today’s fuzzy, complex, out-of-focus world, the workforce desperately needs somebody to de-complicate the situation. Your job is to simplify. To bring clarity. To provide a sharply defined sense of direction. Without a clear sense of priorities and an acute aiming point that aligns people’s efforts, the organization will be plagued by attention deficit disorder. And performance always takes a beating when we lose concentration.

As the saying goes, scarce resources gravitate toward clear goals. Since one of the scarcest resources is people’s attention, you’re responsible for staking out objectives that capture and hold it. And c’mon—...