Change Management Training Communicate Effectively

Don't Leave Management To Operate In The Dark

Managing during the first year of the merger isn’t going to be the same old drill, so the same old behaviors just don’t offer a lot of promise. Executives, middle managers, and first line supervisors desperately need expert coaching on merger dynamics and how to handle transition and change.

This is no place for OJT (on the job training) or a learn-as-you-go approach. There’s simply too much at stake. There are too many opportunities to foul up, and too much money goes down the tube when your problem-solvers and decision-makers are “playing it by ear.”

There’s little in the routine operation of an organization that would prepare managers and executives for managing this kind of corporate upheaval. Even the crusty, battle-scarred, seasoned veterans with years of experience under their belts can be rookies in this situation. It’s not enough just to throw your A-Team at the merger if they essentially have to feel their way along. Undoubtedly they will give it their best effort, but . . .