Change Management Training Step 2: Adopt the Right Mindset

Expect Trouble To Do Otherwise Is To Kid Yourself

Part of your job is to find, and then face up to, the problems and aggravations that routinely occur during times of organizational change.

Often the solution to one problem generates a new set of problems requiring additional solutions. That’s just the way the change process operates.

So expect trouble. To do otherwise is to kid yourself. Problems will be out there...somewhere. If you’re not aware of any, that’s a problem in itself. Get in touch with your organization.

Invite bad news. You need to know what you’re up against. You can’t lead if you’re the last one to know. You can’t come to grips with problems when you are oblivious to them. Make it easy for people to tell you those things you don’t necessarily want to hear.

Discipline yourself to reward people who identify problems and report organizational breakdowns. Don’t shoot messengers who carry bad news. Make it clear that the truth is welcome.

Diagnosis is the first step toward treatment, so deputize every employee. If your people say there is a problem, take it seriously. They see things you can’t see, and they look at the things you can see in a different light than you do. Their perspective may be better than yours. At the very least, their viewpoint is important to them, and thus should be important to you.

You’re a busy person. You’ve got your hands full. The last thing you want to find right now is another problem. But instead of looking for proof that the changes are working, search for evidence that they aren’t.