Change Management Training Step 4: Focus

Fast Growth is a Sacrificial Act

You can’t do everything fast. So you have to figure out where speed will count the most. Decide where your growth can make the biggest difference, then drive hard in that direction.

Fast growth is a sacrificial act. To pull it off, you have to steal from other areas of your life. Something has to give over here in order for you to grow over there. We’re talking about significant tradeoffs. Serious compromises. A hard-fisted rationing of resources, such as your time, energy and attention span.

Don’t try out for the fast growth game if your top priority is a so-called well-balanced life. You’re going to have to whittle down, sharpen your focus, narrow yourself—all this so you can give more to fewer efforts.

Fast growth is greedy. It takes a lot to feed the beast. And why take food off other plates to satisfy this creature’s appetite? Because this is the beast you’re betting on to protect your future.

Besides, some of the stuff that’s been eating up your time and energy deserves to starve. It’s all the clutter you’ve let creep into your life that really doesn’t contribute anything to your future. It’s the diddley routines you follow out of habit. And it’s the urgent but trivial gunk that nags at you for attention, yet gives you nothing to help you grow. Now’s the time to kick these beggars away from the table.

Think few. Concentrate on the essentials. Figure out what to ignore.

We actually have too many choices available to us, and this seriously complicates our time management. It also causes stress and stunts our development. To speed our growth we must simplify. What this comes down to is deliberately managing choices out of our lives. Instead of scattering yourself, responding freely to the odds and ends that swarm around you, decide what really counts. Downsize your daily activities. Don’t blunt your personal development by trying to do too many things at once. Only by sharply focusing yourself can you achieve the critical mass of energy required for real acceleration.

The fuel for fast growth comes when energy is contained...compressed...channeled. It’s simply a matter of giving yourself more fully on a more narrow front. Power accumulates quickly when there are fewer ways for it to escape.

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