Change Management Training Communicate Effectively

High-Quality Communication Rarely Ever Occurs By Accident

“Faster-better-cheaper” uses information exchange as its motor. It requires tight coordination. Effective linkages. A free flow of ideas. Information hoarding is a cardinal sin and openness a key virtue.

That’s because communication problems never remain just communication problems. They weaken everything else. If you let communications get balled up, performance goes down. If people fall into the habit of hiding problems, sitting on good ideas, or withholding information, you soon end up with “slower-worse-more expensive.”

Nevertheless, an attitude still lingering in the minds of some people says, “If the people in charge want me to know, they’ll come and tell me. If there’s a problem, somebody else will fix it. If I’ve got a good idea, I’m gonna keep it to myself.” This kills an organization’s . . .