M&A Talent Due Diligence

Selecting the new leadership team during M&A integration is a critical and politically charged task. 

You need to eliminate redundancies . . . fill key positions with the best people . . . take out costs. The sooner the better. But you need to get it right. Executive turnover and mis-hires create problems that seriously complicate integration.

PRITCHETT’s Talent Due Diligence is a disciplined process that provides a penetrating assessment of key players’ strengths, weaker points, and potential. It positions you to make wise decisions, staffing the organization to maximize your odds for merger success. Importantly, our approach reduces the politics involved, making the process objective, fair-minded, and based on deep professional expertise.

We have 40+ years of executive assessment experience serving Fortune 500 firms, small and midcap companies, not-for-profits, and governmental organizations.

  • Determine the best casting for individuals as you integrate management teams
  • Identify flight risks, surfacing critical information regarding people’s willingness to stay, be reassigned, or transferred
  • Understand how key players can be managed and motivated most effectively
  • Broaden your insights into your bench strength for succession planning
  • Glean valuable data that helps reconcile cultural differences
  • Generate information to support executive coaching and team building
  • Accelerate the integration process

Mergers bring a barrage of new, heavy-duty challenges. Our Talent Due Diligence positions you to fill key slots with the best people to handle the jobs.

The Need for a Comprehensive Appraisal of the Acquired Company’s Key Talent
from After the Merger
Over the years, the conventional practice of making staffing changes on the heels of an acquisition has taken one of two forms.

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A Three-Way Evaluation of Managerial and Technical Talent
from After the Merger
A systematic appraisal of significant personnel in an acquisition calls for input from several directions. A multifaceted approach generates a database that is most useful because it is (1) more accurate and (2) more informative than any appraisal growing out of a single data source.

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