Business as UnUsual Toolbook

For Leading and Managing Organizational Change

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The Business as UnUsual Toolbook provides a cost-effective digital training solution meant to be rolled out to all leaders and managers across your organization.

This multi-media toolbook provides guidelines, coaching points, micro videos, and training tools from PRITCHETT's Business as UnUsual: Change Essentials training program.

Discover how to become a change agent, protect profits, build corporate momentum, and improve productivity, while avoiding the common organizational traps during times of change, transition, restructuring, and merger integration.

Change Management Tools and Topics Include:
  • How do You See Change?
  • Focus on Your Attitude First
  • Does Change Impact Productivity? 
  • Engineer Early Wins
  • Identify Your Critical Priorities
  • Communication Best Practices
  • Resistance: Where is Your Team?
  • Coaching Points to Increase Your Risk Tolerance
  • Coach Instead of Criticize
  • Coaching Points for Productivity
  • Show Genuine, Sincere Appreciation
  • 10 Reasons Extra Communication is Necessary
  • Engage in Multiple Channels of 2-Way Communication
  • Conduct "Stay" Conversations
  • Manage Expectations
  • You are the Decider
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