Change Agent Competencies Assessment

Change Agent Competencies

Are you a change agent?

PRITCHETT has identified four key change-agent competencies that will help you manage the impact of change. This self-assessment will assist you in evaluating your change leadership skills:

Flexibility – the ability to deal with ambiguity
Innovativeness – the ability to use creativity and original ideas
Risk Tolerance – the desire to test the limits or bend the rules
Stress Tolerance – the ability to tolerate the instability in the world

Take this online change management competencies to determine your strengths and areas for improvement.

Use Personal Change Competencies Online Assessment to:
  • Develop Critical Leadership Practices for Managing the Human Side of Change
  • Assess Your Change Agent Competencies – Flexibility, Innovativeness, Risk Tolerance, and Stress Tolerance (FIRS)
  • Improve your ability to deal effectively with our constantly changing world

The assessment provides you with a score on each of the change competencies, implications (advantages and disadvantages) of each profile, and coaching points for increasing your comfort levels.

Upon completion of the online assessment you will receive:
  • Your personal change-agent competencies profile scores
  • Detailed descriptions of change-agent competencies
  • Implications of high and low profiles by competency
  • Coaching points to increase your comfort level with each competency
  • Take-action worksheet