Deep Strengths

Getting to the Heart of High Performance

Author: Price Pritchett, Ph.D.

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This hardback book provides a new model and approach for “strength training” that you can put to work in your organization.

Deep Strengths are those attributes that individuals and organizations depend on to carry them through the most difficult periods. They are also psychological aspects needed in today's corporate arena to make the most of opportunities and deal effectively with high-velocity change.

In every successful company, there are Deep Strengths—characteristics that drive its culture, motivate its people, and steer its strategy to greater innovation and productivity. If you want to enhance leadership, improve employee performance, and develop a culture of winning in your organization, you need to encourage these strengths at every level.

Drawing on exclusive research into these qualities that ensure success, Price Pritchett explores the foundation of high performance, introducing techniques you can use to retool behavior and cultivate a culture of optimal performance and productivity.

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