ePIP: Process Analysis and Design Software

One-year One-user License (See free steps and tools from software)

ePIP contains the complete methodology required to run a Process Improvement Project (PIP) based on the best-of-class Rummler-Brache approach. The software is designed for use by process improvement project leaders and their teams.

ePIP contains all of the methods and tools needed to:

  • Define a single Process Improvement Project
    • 18 Steps, 38 tasks
    • 9 Tools (Tools, How-to’s and Examples)
    • 5 downloadable templates
  • Analyze the current (“IS”) process
    • 12 Steps, 37 Tasks
    • 33 Tools (Tools, How-to’s and Examples)
    • 19 downloadable templates
  • Design a new or improved (“SHOULD”) process
    • 15 Steps, 31 Tasks
    • 40 Tools (Tools, How-to’s and Examples)
    • 13 downloadable templates