Lessons From 1,000 Deals

Insider Secrets, Shortcuts, and Uncommon Sense For Merger Integration Success

Author: Price Pritchett, Ph.D.

Deal-making centers around money, but merger integration centers around people.

Once the M&A papers are signed, human beings are the make-or-break factor.

Lessons From 1,000 Deals gives you actionable, high-payoff guidelines for managing the human side of post-merger integration. Best-selling author Price Pritchett spells out how you can:

  • Mentally prepare people for merger shock
  • Protect executive credibility in a climate of distrust and negativity
  • Do “triage” on resistance to change
  • Get straight to the heart of culture challenges
  • Win the M&A “Super Bowl of change management”
  • Defend productivity and profitability during integration
  • And much more...