The Unfolding

A Handbook for Living Strong, Being Effective, and Knowing Happiness During Uncertain Times

Author: Price Pritchett, Ph.D.

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Change and uncertainty go hand in hand…but uncertainty often causes most of the problems. These 9 powerful “counterintuitive moves” reduce people’s feelings of helplessness, protect productivity, and set the stage for successful organizational change.

Lots of people find it more difficult to endure the ambiguity and waiting than to deal with actual changes once they occur. The “hang time” between announcement and implementation is typically very stressful and destabilizing. Uncertainty can damage productivity, quality, customer service, talent retention…and, ultimately, profitability. This handbook includes:

  • Ways to avoid feeling like a victim
  • How to “wait productively” while the changes are being planned
  • Examples of typical reactions that sabotage people
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