Change Management Training Acceralate

Rev Up The Organization's Operating Velocity

Old time supervision tends to slow things down. By comparison, management now should focus on acceleration of the enterprise. Your efforst should be shifting away from traditional governance and toward gunning it. The idea is to put as much kick as you personally can into the way the organization operates.

These days success depends on speed. Quick is what files the edge on your outfit’s ability to compete. So you must become an accelerator, looking for every opportunity to increase the corporate cruising speed. Day in, day out, your efforts should be deliberately designed to help move the needle higher.

The world’s new tempo comes with its own vocabulary. People talk about “living on Internet time.” About “doing business at Web speed.” This implies not only a much faster beat in the business world at large, but also a far more persistent rhythm. The new cadence calls for a constant sense of urgency. Sustained speed. The pressure to perform at a more intense pace just doesn’t . . .