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Speed Does Not Come For Free

In the scientific terminology of physics, energy is specifically defined as “the capacity for doing work.”

By now, most of us have heard the message at work. We know the push is on to pick up the cadence. To adapt quicker to change. To produce ever-better results, and do so at a faster clip. But speed doesn’t come for free. In fact, going faster gets expensive in a hurry when we consider the fuel consumption—the energy—it involves.

We’ve all had the everyday experiences of walking and running. And it’s obvious that breaking into a sprint tires us a lot quicker than striding along at a normal clip. We run out of energy quicker when we accelerate. The faster we try to go, the sooner we run out of steam.

The laws of physics apply here, and the equation we need to memorize goes like this: “If you want to double your speed, you must invest four times as much energy.”

Let that soak in for a minute. Here’s what we’re saying: Going twice as fast requires a lot more than . . .