Change Management Training Step 6: Build Commitment

The More Consuming Your Commitment, The More You Draw People Toward You

People always look at the leader when they want to take the pulse of an organization. Example says a lot. Do they see a boss they can believe in? Can they have faith in whom they follow? Does the fire inside the leader burn hot enough for them to warm from the heat of that flame?

Commitment climbs when people see passion in the person in charge. They catch the feeling. Commitment, after all, is a highly contagious thing. It’s a spirit that stirs others, that touches their souls, that inspires them to action. It carries a mental magnetism that captures the attention and enlists the energies of all who watch.

The more consuming your commitment, the more you draw your people toward you. And toward the task to be done. Your intensity—your focus, drive, and . . .