Change Management Training Communicate Effectively

The Most Powerful Way to Muscle Up Your Change Management

Want to know the #1 reason why change management projects bog down? Or why so many eventually fail?

Here’s the dirty little secret: communication failure. The problem is hiding in plain view. And that’s probably why companies don’t catch on. “Communication failure” sounds so boring. So mundane. But you need to look at it this way—communication is the oxygen for change. It’s how we get things done…or not. If your messaging approach lacks muscle, your change efforts will cripple along or even die.

Now for a second secret: Communication is failing because organizations still rely on the old-school, 20th century messaging style. Stop and think about it.

  • Is your change management messaging designed for today’s smartphone audience? 
  • Have you crafted your messages to fit people’s rapidly shrinking attention span? ...