Change Management Training Step 1: Understand What’s Driving Change

Three Major Forces

We could identify a wide range of factors that are reshaping our world and the way we live. But let’s focus on three major forces.

1. People

Here's the most obvious reason why we’ll see an even faster rate of change in the years to come: Mother Earth is producing a lot more people. And people cause change. Like, they make stuff. They come up with new ideas. They compete for scarce resources. Whatever sorts of things people do, we’ll see happening more and faster.

Some hard statistics will help make the point. Human beings have been around for maybe 7,000,000 years, but the population of our planet didn’t reach a billion until the early 1860’s, about the time of the Civil War. Within the short span of a mere 75 years, though, the head count doubled, to two billion.

Then, by 1975 it doubled again, to four billion—this time in only 40 years. Today we’re closing in on six billion, with U.S. Census statistics predicting a world population of . . .