Change Management Training Step 3: Set Clear Goals

Trust In The Power Of Future Pull

You can grow at a faster clip if you’ll put the future to work for you. Tomorrow is your ally.

The key is to let the future know specifically what you want from it. Start by coming up with a clear mental picture of your goal. Keep it alive in your mind. Visit it often in your imagination. The future will start organizing events to help bring about this thing you want.

Most people don’t appreciate how this technique can accelerate a person’s growth and accomplishments. Maybe it hits you as just too vague. Or you don’t give it a shot because you can’t figure out why it should work. The truth is, it may sound too simplistic for you to take it seriously.

But this isn’t baloney. The great psychologist, Alfred Adler, emphasized the “teleological” power of goals. By this he meant how . . .