Change Management Training Step 2: Adopt the Right Mindset

When Leadership Gets Killed, It's Through Self-Inflicted Wounds

Most organizations and work groups are managed, rather than led. This is a common problem in business, but a particular problem in organizations confronted by transition and change.

Right now you have a remarkable “opening” for leadership. You need to realize that this can be your finest hour.

During organizational transitions—when things are confusing, stressful, and generally destabilized—employees look for leadership. It’s easy enough for the company to put you in charge, to make you boss. They can give you a title as manager of this or supervisor of that. But the company can’t make you a leader. That’s up to you.

Your job title is just a label. “Leader” is a reputation...and you personally have to earn it.

There’s a tendency for top executives, middle managers, and supervisory personnel to blame their lack of leadership effectiveness on the situation, or on “higher management.” But that’s a cop-out. When leadership gets killed, it’s through self-inflicted wounds. The things you personally do, or don’t do, determine what calibre leader you will be.

Seize the opportunity!