Change Management Training Step 5: Manage Resistance

Engineer Some Early Wins

Managing a merger is a big job. It’s hard enough with everybody pulling together, and when people are pulling in different directions the chances for success grow slim.

You simply cannot afford to second-guess your strategy continually, or to keep starting over with a new one. Neither can you make it work if people are pursuing their own private strategies.

Of course, some fine tuning and redirecting of your strategy is inevitable as the merger proceeds. You have to show some flexibility because you learn as you go, circumstances keep changing, and priorities shift. There is a lot of impromptu management that cannot be avoided.

But the integration process needs to be carefully structured and systematically managed in order to restabilize the firm. That’s how you protect productivity, preserve your client base, and position the organization for future success.

We constantly see well-intentioned managers and executives about to pursue an integration approach that would inadvertently (1) add to or...