Our Back Story

Price Pritchett grew up on a flat, dusty, windblown farm some 80 miles south of Amarillo, Texas. The land and Mother Nature schooled him on uncertainty and change. As a kid he learned how to live through farming’s good times and bad…how to face reality yet remain an optimist…and how, in the end, what really matters is hard results.

He developed a deep respect for economy of means—getting the most done with the least effort, eliminating waste, and focusing on what counts most.

This history helps explain PRITCHETT’s belief system and style.

  • We are minimalists in our approach.
  • We believe in speed.
  • We think time is money.
  • We believe rapid results count more than pretty reports and slick slide decks.
  • We know less can be more.

At the beginning, Dr. Pritchett decided our company would deliberately remain small, play narrow but deep, and tackle big problems with few people.


Because big becomes slow. Large becomes wasteful. Broad becomes unfocused. If you want a battalion of people to help you, call the consulting giants. But if you have faith in the power of an elite strike force, call PRITCHETT.

Our intent is to simplify…to slice through the noise to the heart of the problem. And our raging ambition is to be the best—#1 in our niche.

For 40 years we’ve been sharpening our edge.