Our Specialty: Human Beings

We focus on the human element, on how people’s behavior and the organization’s psyche impact operating results. That’s our strike zone at PRITCHETT. We’ve spent almost 50 years bringing the newest and most powerful performance concepts to business challenges around the globe.


Guiding Principle: Minimum Effective Dose (MED)

Our approach is designed to subtract complexity and reduce the noise level in your organization. Einstein said it best—“Everything should be made as simple as possible. But not simpler.”


Top Priority: Operating Results

The prime metrics, ultimately, are financial. Get that right, and everything else is a lot easier to manage. Fail to make your numbers, and problems multiply.


Core Concept: Energy

The dictionary defines energy as “the capacity to do work.” At the most fundamental level, that’s why your organization exists: To do work. We consider the “corporate energy level” to be the key dynamic in the physics of how your company operates. It’s our organizing idea—the unifying concept—that shapes all of our work with clients. Simply put, energy is the fuel. And your people are your fuel tanks. Our intent is to position your entire workforce, and leaders in particular, to help—

  • Conserve the current energy supply
  • Generate new energy
  • Channel all corporate energy toward its highest and best use

We believe every individual is accountable for pursuing these three goals.