PRITCHETT LP Launches clips—Fuel for Change

If you want to transform your organization, transform your communication.


(October 24, 2016—Dallas, TX)   Dr. Price Pritchett, psychologist and CEO of PRITCHETT LP, is leading a communication revolution with the launch of a breakthrough video messaging program called clips. He states, “Corporate America is struggling against a formidable 21st century enemy: noise. There is an epic battle raging for people’s attention, and clips’ 60-second video messages are the new weapon of choice.”

Communication is the oxygen for change. But these days we all are bombarded with far more information than we can handle. Our attention spans keep shrinking. And millennials use a dramatically different messaging style.

clips attacks these problems with video micro-messaging that cuts through the noise, entertains, and positions people for self-directed change. Pritchett describes clips as “rebel messaging.” He aims clips directly at today’s short attention, mobile-oriented, digital audience that has no patience for long or boring communication.

Many organizations remain stuck in a 20th century “old school” communication style that’s boring, dense, outdated, and ineffective. The result? Companies struggle at execution. Training fizzles out. Change initiatives wither and die. These communication problems are very costly. In fact, a Towers Watson study found that companies with highly effective communication practices enjoy 47% higher total returns to shareholders.

Much of clips’ communication muscle comes from its use of video. It’s estimated that we mentally process visuals 60,000 times faster than text. In fact, Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research reports that one minute of video has the messaging power of 1.8 million words. Even 59% of executives report that they would prefer to watch video rather than read text.

Companies are using PRITCHETT LP’s clips video messaging programs to drive change management initiatives, instill core values, support merger integration, shape corporate culture, launch new products, motivate the sales force, and deepen leadership skills.

PRITCHETT LP is a Dallas-based firm with a world-wide reputation for its thought leadership in organizational change, corporate culture, and merger integration strategy. Most of the Fortune 500 have used some combination of the company’s consulting, training, and handbooks. With over 20 million of Dr. Pritchett’s 30+ books and handbooks in print, many translated into other languages, he stands as one of the bestselling business authors in the world.

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