Change Management Training Step 6: Build Commitment

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Organizational change creates a climate of heightened concern. Even employees who personally benefit from the changes may be shaken by what they see happen to their comrades. Usually a pervasive sense of loss clouds the work environment. People feel more vulnerable. Even those who are initially unscathed remain uneasy about the eventual ramifications, and wait for the next shoe to fall.

You can safely assume that employees feel threatened . . . at risk . . . disempowered. These feelings demotivate your crew and interfere with team reconstruction. You need to rebuild people’s confidence, restore their faith in themselves and the future. You also need to “give them something for the trouble” they’re going through.

The odds are that your group members find themselves working longer and harder while having less fun. Often for the same money as before. The big question in everybody’s mind is . . .